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Consignment Basics

The Art of Consignment provides a marketplace for better, previously owned furniture and home goods that have retained value and are simply too good to donate.  With a loyal customer base, our inventory tends to turnover quickly providing our consignors an opportunity to realize some gain from items no longer needed or wanted. 

If you have items you would like to consign, please follow the steps below. 

Step 1

Take photos of items you want to consign. Don't be shy to show what's good about them and what signs of wear they might have. 

Step 2

Measure your items (especially important for bulky furniture as we might be tight on space and would need to plan ahead). 

Step 3

Text your photos, dimensions and any background information you have (designer, artist, brand, original purchase price, origin and age - anything that would help to identify your item and reflect its value in the price) to our store phone 805.755.9115. Don't forget to introduce yourself!

Step 4

Await for our feedback. Call if urgent or no feedback given within reasonable amount of time.


- be sure to check and reflect item condition, we only accept pre-owned items in good condition (you'd want the same from other consignors' items when you shop around, right?)

- if you have specific price expectations, please discuss them with us beforehand

- let us know if you need mover services, we can provide contacts, however please note that we do not cover this cost

- sometimes we do not have space immediately but can take items for consignment within 2-4 weeks, so inform us if this works for you (i.e. your items are in storage vs. need to be moved out of your house this week)

To speed along the process and familiarize yourself with the consignment conditions, please download "Consignment agreement" form below and bring it filled out during confirmed delivery. You can always fill it in at the store as well, so no worries!

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